Monday, August 22, 2016

Turn geotagged Flickr Albums into KML

I was looking for an easy way to add geotagged photos that I had stored in Flickr to an ArcGIS web map. While geotagged photos, hosted or not, can't currently be directly imported into an ArcGIS web map, there are several different paths you can take to accomplish the task.

One of the ways is to convert the geotagged photos in a Flickr album to KML, A quick Google search turned up a post at - Flickr Photo Set to KML. Click Photo Set to KML in the post to open the web utility.

First put the desired geotagged photos into a Flickr Album (formerly a Flickr Set). Next, open the album and obtain the album ID from the URL:

Copy the album ID and paste it into the KML utility, then click Submit:

The KML will be processed, and downloaded. Once downloaded you can add it to your ArcGIS Online account, then add it to a web map. You can also use the KML in Google Maps, Google Earth, ArcGIS Earth, or any other application that supports KML.

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