Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Most Popular Mobile Platform at the Esri DevSummit

Tom Brenneman, a colleague from Esri St. Louis, used a clever technique to judge the popularity of mobile platforms at the 2011 Esri DevSummit at the Palm Springs Convention Center today. He used an iPhone app that displays decibel levels, and had attendees cheer and applaud for the platform they were planning to use for mobile development. These were recorded during a session titled "Choosing a Mobile Deployment Platform."

Tom's website posted these snapshots independently but I thought it might be interesting to post them all at once in a column. You can judge for yourself which is the most popular mobile platform at this event.

Baseline level
(recording of maximum cheering and applause from the audience)

ArcGIS Mobile
(seems like it even trumped the baseline level)






And the winner is... the developer who has so many great options!

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