Monday, January 31, 2011

About Mostly Mapping

Mostly Mapping is my forum for GIS and mapping with a mix of other topics. I edit and contribute to several Esri blogs, so the topics posted here will be those that don't fit into the context of those other venues. I'm also interested in social media, Web design and development, and handy online apps, so you'll find a mix of those topics here too.

About me
I’m a product strategist and technical evangelist at Esri where I'm fortunate to be able to work with many bright and talented people that keep my geographic work journey stimulating and challenging. I'm also a part-time consultant and government contractor, mostly working pro bono on conservation, resource management, or cave and karst related projects.

Outside of work I'm likely to be found enjoying geographic journeys both above ground and below it, and capturing them on maps, in photos, and in other media.

You can find me on Twitter @bernszukalski and LinkedIn.

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